Problem description

The shop's loading time is very long and it takes ages to upload the sub-pages.


Various factors influence the loading time of Shopware shops, wherefore it is very time-consuming to find the reason causing the long loading time. For your convenience, please find below the most common reasons for the slow pace / bad performance.  

Shopware configuration

The following root causes can be checked and changed by yourself in your Shopware backend.

Use the shop in active mode

The active mode can be started under ""Configuration > Cache / performance > Cache / performance > Performance > Start".

Usage of HTTP-Caches

You can activate the HTTP-Cache in the performance module under "Configuration > Cache / performance > Cache / performance > tab Settings > HTTP cache". 

Activate Compiler Caching

You can activate the Compiler Caching in the Theme Manger under "Configuration > Theme Manger > Configuration >

Please ensure to activate compiling for CSS and JavaScript.

Deactivate CSS Source Map 

Under "Configuration > Theme Manger > Configuration >

Warm up Caching by Cronjob

After you have emptied the cache, it needs to be refeshed. That is why it might take a bit longer when you upload your e-shop. In order to automatize this procedure with the help of Cronjob, please choose the function "Warm up cache".


Please clarify with your host.


Due to its higher performance, Shopware recommends to use PHP version 7 or higher instead of PHP 5.


Shopware recommends to use MySQL version 5.6 or higher.

Advanced Caching

By the use of advanced caching with the help of ZendOP or APCu, you can accellerate PHP-stacks performance by 25%.

Server performance

Insufficient server performance might be another reason for longer loading times. Please ask your host to check it and to offer higher performance or another alternative if necessary.