Problem description

The shopping world is not displayed on the start page or in the product category.


Please check the following reasons:

Shopping world is assigned to the wrong category

Please make sure that the shopping world is assigned to the correct category.

Shopping world is deactivated

Please check if the shopping world is activated.

No articles are assigned to the category within the shopping world

If the category, to which the shopping world is assigned to, doesn't contain any articles, please rem

ove the checkmark of "Show registered products in content" in your shopping world.

Not all unit sizes are activated

Pleasecheck "Device configurations" if all unit sizes are activated.

The category is shown with page parameter ?p=x

If you open the shopping world by clicking on a link ending with ?p=x (e.g., the shopping world won't be displayed. This is not caused by ThemeWare, but is the Shopware standard behaviour. In case you want to change this behaviour, please use the following plugin:

Mistake in the theme or plugin

In case the error is not caused by the above meantioned reasons, please follow the link below to localize the reason: