Problem description

During the istallation of ThemeWare a SBP server failure or the follorwing error messages could appear "Unable to install, got exeption: License check for module "TcinnXYZTheme" has failed.". The SBP error messages could for instance be the following:

  • There is an error on the SBP server.
  • The shop cannot be found on the SBP-Server.
  • The SBP-authentification failed.
  • There is an error on the SBP server.
  • Error code: PluginLicensesException-X
  • Error code: OrdersException-X


Shopware cannot find the correct license for ThemeWare. Please check the following reasons.

Did you save your Shopware account in your Shopware backend?

It is necessary that you have a Shopware account, which should be saved in your Plugin Manager of your Shopware Shop backend.

Is your Shop / domain validated and set up in your Shopware account?

Please take care to validate your new shop you created in your Shopware account.

Is the domain of your Shopware account and of the Shopware backend identical?

It is very important, that the "main" shop configuration is identical with the Shopware account configuration. Please check your shop configruation under "Configuration > Basic settings > Shop settings".

Important: If you configure your domain in your Shopware account with the prefix www, for example, you will need to use the exact configuration (with prefix www.) in your Shopware backend.

Did you save your license in your Shopware backend properly?

Please check, if you saved your ThemeWare in the Lisence Manager under "Configuration > Basic settings > Additional settings" . In case not, please import the license by clicking on the key icon in your Plugin Manager (right bar).

Does the lisence domain fit to the main shop?

When buying ThemeWare (or a test version), please make sure, that the chosen license domain is equivalent with the main shop's domain, especially if you have multiple subshops.

For more information: Licensing-and-installing-a-licensed-plugin.

In case you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.