Problem description

Certain pictures are displayed as place holders. These pictures are inserted into a HTML box by means of the Media Manager in your theme configuration, e.g. the widget "Element top / button" in the leftbar or the sidebar widget.


Shopware adjusted a file of the backend editor in Shopware 5.3.5, which causes this problem (more info here). This problem occurs, if the HTML code is in a tab, which has not been opened. If you open the tab, all adjustments will be saved and the problem of place holders will not appear. 

Solution (permanent)

The problem has been reported to and confirmed by Shopware, who will correct the error in Shopware Version 5.4.4. (Please find update status here) Under this link, you can also vote for this issue to increase in priority and fasten the process to fix the problem. Please log in here with your Shopware account and click on the tab "Vote now" (right side).

Solution (temporary)

In order to solve the problem temporarily, we created a version of the affected file, which blocks the problem. Please follow the below instructions:

  1. Log in your FTP server
  2. Change the URL to  "/themes/Backend/ExtJs/backend/base/component"
  3. Download the file "Shopware.form.field.TinyMCE.js" and save as backup on your laptop
  4. Download the attached file "Shopware.form.field.TinyMCE.js" and upload it on your FTP server (replace the file)
  5. Open your backend and press STRG + F5 to upload the updated file
  6. Please choose the pictures concerened through Media Manager and add them accordingly

The problem should be solved temporarily, but might need to be repeated after a Shopware update.